Rimsky Korsakov - Flight of the Bumble Bee
Paradies - Toccata in D Minor

For Children (excerpt)
from Phoenix from the Ashes
Music by Judith Lynn Stillman
Words by Hanuš Hachenburg
Lori Phillips, Soprano
Judith Lynn Stillman, Piano
Krunk (“Crane”)
Music by Komitas Vartabed
David Ayriyan, Kemancha
Judith Lynn Stillman, Piano
Season Highlights
12/09/15   Joyful Collaboration
11/18/15   Simple Gifts with Grammy-winner Ilana Davidson
07/23/15   Lancaster Festival 2015: Lancaster, OH
05/29/15   Cellist John Sant'Ambrogio: Steamboat Springs, CO
04/22/15   Armenia 100: Nazarian Center for the Performing Arts
02/18/15   On the Wings of Song with Diana McVey
12/10/14   Mainly Mozart with Ayako Yonetani, Violin
02/21/14   Expanding Tonality: Pasadena, CA
04/27/14   Stillman's "Phoenix from the Ashes": Washington, DC

News Spotlight
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Rhode Island PBS Premiere Broadcast of "Dueling Double Divas"
Armenia 100 Review: "An Extraordinary Tribute"
Audience overwhelmed at Armenia 100
Providence Journal showcases Stillman and Armenia 100
Armenia Weekly's headline story is Stillman's world premiere
WATD Morning News interviews Stillman about Armenia 100
Armenian Mirror-Spectator article about Armenia 100 Concert
Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra: "Emperor" (Harvard University)
Mostly Mozart
Stillman's Radio Commercial
Judith Lynn Stillman & Jordan Rudess, Piano Duo
Stillman & Rudess "LIVE in RI" on YouTube (over 20,000 views)