Audience overwhelmed at Armenia 100

Artistic Director of events of global impact, Judith Lynn Stillman most recently produced ARMENIA 100: Honoring Armenian Cultural Arts on the Genocide Centenary. ARMENIA 100 was received with standing ovations by packed houses and touched the hearts of audience members, expressed in an outpouring of emotion:

“Armenia 100 was brilliant and extraordinary! A masterpiece of creativity!  I was truly moved by the vision and scope of Stillman’s remarkable undertaking.  Her sensitivity to the history, art and psyche of the Armenian people was apparent throughout. Stillman led the audience through a journey- from old to new, from despair to hope.”

“As a senior citizen and 1st generation American Armenian whose parents survived the Genocide, I was deeply moved by the April 22 program commemorating the 100-year anniversary Armenian Genocide event. It was obvious that much work, creativity and selective decisions were made, and untold hours were dedicated to the program. The performance was outstanding and added in some meaningful measure to the worldwide commemoration of April 24.  Never having ever heard the voices of my grandparents, uncles or aunts, remembrance and acknowledgment of this catastrophe means so much to me.”

“This production needs to be shown widely and I hope that last night was just the beginning of many more.”

 “I feel blessed that I lived long enough to experience ARMENIA 100.”

“Thank you for giving back to Armenians and to all of us.”

“Stillman’s artistry, vision and creative sensibility (musically, theatrically, rhetorically, interpersonally, etc) are just remarkable”

Rhode Island PBS Premiere Broadcast of “Bravo Bohemia”



Rhode Island PBS will be premiering Bravo Bohemia: Celebrating Czech Masterworks, a film by Judith Lynn Stillman.  

The show features live performances of Czech classical music filmed at Sapinsley Hall at the Nazarian Center for the Performing Arts, on the Masterworks Concerts series, Judith Lynn Stillman, Artistic Director.

The program includes:

-Two Pieces for Violin and Piano, Op. 17: Un poco triste and Appassionato, by Czech composer Josef Suk – played by Muneko Otani, violin, and Judith Lynn Stillman, piano

-Slavonic Dance in E Minor, Op. 72, No. 2, by Antonin Dvorak for Four Hands – with Michael Lewin & Judith Lynn Stillman, piano duo

-Piano Quintet No. 2 in A Major, Op. 81, by Antonin Dvorak – with Judith Lynn Stillman, piano, and the Cassatt String Quartet

Rebroadcast of “Phoenix from the Ashes” on Rhode Island PBS



Phoenix from the Ashes: A Film by Judith Lynn Stillman, has as its centerpiece the premiere of a song cycle for soprano and piano, based upon poems from Terezín Concentration Camp, celebrating the triumph of the human spirit over adversity.

The documentary features the world premiere of Phoenix from the Ashes: Seven Songs for Soprano and Piano, composed by internationally-renowned musician, Judith Lynn Stillman. Dramatic soprano of the New York Metropolitan Opera Lori Phillips sings, with Stillman as collaborative pianist. Stillman is the Artist-in-Residence and a professor of music at Rhode Island College.

The song texts are based upon poems from Vedem: The Secret Magazine of The Boys of Terezín. From 1942 through 1944, a group of 140 teenage boys, aged 13-16, living in the barracks at Terezín, secretly documented their lives in a weekly magazine called Vedem (Czech for “In the Lead”), which included their art work, essays, reviews, and poetry. It was a huge risk to produce – they would have been sent to death camps if caught – but the magazine was never discovered. Of the 140 boys who participated in the effort to produce Vedem, only about 15 survived, and only five are alive today.

Only one of them, Zdeněk (Sidney) Taussig, remained in Terezín until its liberation in May 1945. He had the insight to save the nearly 800 pages of the manuscript in the hopes that it might survive the war. After he was liberated, he retrieved the manuscript and brought it back home with him to Prague.



Mr. Taussig — the 82-year old survivor who showed such extraordinary bravery and foresight as a teen — tells his compelling story in this documentary in interviews interspersed with the songs. Texts for the Phoenix song cycle come from the pages miraculously hidden and retrieved by Taussig, who was present at the debut to hear his boyhood friends’ poems realized in Stillman’s songs.