Armenian Weekly

“Stillman’s ARMENIA 100 and When the Music Stopped: An Extraordinary Tribute. A breathtaking masterpiece, conceived of, and brilliantly executed by pianist, composer and artistic visionary Judith Lynn Stillman.  Stillman’s true genius shines as she catapults the audience into a multi-layered, artistically complex presentation exploring injustice, survival and hope.  She leads the audience on a journey through pain and loss, toward healing, solidarity, and growth.  Stillman’s sensitivity to the history, art and psyche of the Armenian people is apparent throughout.   Her virtuoso piano stands out as a highlight of the evening.  Her power, her emotional intensity and her precision at the keyboard serve as the backdrop for the unfolding of this evocative drama.  Stillman reaches for the stars and succeeds brilliantly in transporting us through darkness towards life and growth.”

Cincinnati Enquirer

“Nothing can disconcert pianist Stillman.”

The New York Times

“Stillman made an excellent showing. She performed Chopin adroitly and with appealing style.”

American Record Guide

“The wonderful Judith Lynn Stillman plays with conviction and insight.  Brilliant!  A model of clarity.”

Providence Journal

“Judith Lynn Stillman was sensational. Even on a slow news day, there wouldn’t be enough space to cite the wonderful qualities in Stillman’s performance.”

Jackson Hole News

“A remarkably gifted pianist.”

Ha’Aretz Newspaper- Israel

“Stillman’s enchanting playing left me continuously spellbound.”


“The Halsey Stevens Sonata is the finest achievement: the folky mid American swagger of the opening movement is suitably laid-back in true Marsalis style and he and his pianist, Judith Lynn Stillman, are acutely matched in this piece’s irregular accentuation and sprightly motivic lines.”

San Francisco Examiner

“Marsalis and Stillman make an impeccable team.  The playing consistently dazzles.”

LPM Culture/Lifestyle

The [film’s] music is very beautiful, but not overdone (rest assured, no violin overdose), and it parallels and supports the images perfectly.
It is sweet, fresh, unhurried, takes its time and provides the backdrop of emotional respite that Eva and Ruda deserve after what they experienced”

New York Daily News

“Pianist Judith Lynn Stillman receives equal billing with Wynton Marsalis on the cover and deserves it-her playing is crisp and confident.”