I Cherish Women

Film and Music by Judith Lynn Stillman
An Artists & Activists Production

From the Freepress.org review of the Artists Rise Up Los Angeles ARULA Short Film Festival : “Composer/filmmaker Judith Lynn Stillman’s I Cherish Women was among the most powerful shorts. In it, a soprano alto tenor bass chorus performed Stillman’s classical composition, with lyrics by that world renowned librettist – NO, not Gilbert or Sullivan, but Donald J. Trump. Although there are some men in the chorus, every one of the solo parts is sung by multi-culti women, who all sing actual words re: women uttered by the grabber-in-chief. During a post-screening Q&A moderated by LA talk radio host Sheena Metal, Stillman cleverly explained she found the “antidote to fake news – we use Trump’s own words.”

From The Women’s Fund of Rhode Island: “I just viewed an original film by Judith Lynn Stillman called “I Cherish Women.” It’s profound and I look forward to helping to push it out to the world when it’s ready for prime time. Thanks, Judith, for standing up for women in RI, our nation and around the world.”

Your funds will be used to support activities such as:

  • Translating I Cherish Women into diverse languages
  • Creating an I Cherish Women virtual global experience
  • Future Artists & Activists creative projects

Note: The composer/conductor/director and performers have donated their services.

Please contact us at icherishwomen2017@gmail.com if you would like to donate your time, talents, and resources to future projects.

Facebook Post:

I Cherish Women is a pro-women, short film, by Judith Lynn Stillman of Artists & Activists productions, that packs a powerful political punch in four minutes. Thirty artists and activists join forces to deliver a bold statement to “defend human rights and address human wrongs in the Trump era.” In this musical/theatrical work, scored for chamber choir and a cast of all-women narrators, we focus upon women’s rights and one human who has wronged half of the world’s population. Our mission is to support and empower women, show that we have no tolerance for sexist, misogynistic treatment of women, or sexually predatory words or behavior, and that we stand with others across the globe who defend women’s rights and human rights. Our diverse voices, collectively from The Metropolitan Opera, Juilliard, Harvard, and other major organizations and institutions, interface as one unified voice. Our pushback reaches across partisan divides as we aim to mobilize the virtues of American democracy to protect basic, inalienable rights and freedoms. In the inspiring words of poet and professor Kenneth Rexroth: “Against the ruin of the world, there is only one defense—the creative act.

I Cherish Women by Judith Lynn Stillman, a short music video with narration, embodies the contradictory and misleading juxtaposition of Donald Trump’s own words: what should be the pure sentiment of cherishing women alongside the vulgar and degrading language used simultaneously. Spoken by an all-women cast, we express our continuing cycle of emotional reactions to these egregious comments, unconscionably brushed off as ‘locker room talk,’ which have elicited in us multiple stages of grief including anger, denial, depression — however, we will never allow ourselves to reach the stage of acceptance.