Judith Lynn Stillman

Christiana Carteaux Bannister Award for Civil Service in the Arts

This award is named in honor of the 19th century African-American activist, abolitionist, philanthropist and Rhode Islander who championed the arts, fought through hard times, and was a leader and role model for all people who value human rights. We think that ​Christiana Carteaux Bannister​’s spirit and tenacity lives on through the worthy recipient of her award this year at Avalonia Festival, Dr. Judith Lynn Stillman, known for her diverse talents in the performing arts, music and education, including her work with genocide education and Refugee Artistry.

“With great appreciation for her continued support of all people through the arts, and for representing Rhode Island with style, class, hard work and talent, we will honor the wonderfully active Dr. Judith Lynn Stillman at Avalonia Festival.” — Mike Messier, Director, Avalonia Festival