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Refugee Artistry is a multi-faceted arts project with a mission to explore refugee and migrant experiences through the creative and performing arts.

Our primary objective is to use the arts as a vehicle to give a voice to the voiceless.

We are actively seeking a broad range of artistic submissions by and about refugees and migrants, including artwork, photography, music and the written or spoken word – poetry, prose, plays, journal/diary entries, oral histories, video clips.

The goal is to create multidisciplinary cultural events and creative arts programming from among the materials submitted, for the purposes of educating and enlightening audiences about refugees.

Please contact us for more information.

In exploring refugee journeys through the creative and performing arts, underscoring the concomitant challenges and traumas of fleeing persecution, we hope to enlighten and inform, and to foster a visceral connection in which we no longer view immigrants as alien to our sensibilities.

Through Refugee Artistry, we aim to:

  • Foster a deeper understanding of the refugee crisis by engaging us on an emotional level through the arts
  • Challenge stereotypes by gaining a broader consciousness of who refugees are, in their own words
  • Highlight and support a wide spectrum of arts by and about refugees, seeking to ensure that their cultural and artistic contributions are recognized and welcomed within our society
  • Encourage refugees’ self-expression through the arts, and give a voice to refugees, whose voices are often least heard in the refugee crisis debate
  • Dispel any myths, judgments, and false perceptions about refugees
  • Better connect to experiences that are unfamiliar
  • Engage audiences through the arts in the quest for compassion, empathy, and global awareness